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Rules and Reasons of Mermet Springs

Dive Site Rules

The below rules are to ensure that your visit to Mermet Springs is both enjoyable and safe. Mermet Springs reserves the right to expel any person not abiding by the rules.


Thou Shalt...


Thou Shalt NOT...
  • Drink alcoholic beverages on the premises

  • Bring your pet

  • Bring or use a portable compressor

  • Swim without a PFD, BCD, or Snorkeling Vest

  • Jump or dive from rocks or cliffs

  • Dive solo

  • Fish or spearfish

  • Enter any restricted areas

  • Bring Portable Cascade systems


Diving Deep at Mermet Springs



You should not dive below 80 feet unless you have one or more of the following:

  • A properly serviced, cold water, environmentally sealed regulator

  • Pony Bottle/Spare Air

  • Redundant first stage

  • Are under the direct supervision of an instructor

  • The following items are highly recommended:

  • Dive Light

  • Dive Computer

  • Hang Bottle for a Safety Stop

  • Proper thermal protection (42 degree water)

  • Training in deep diving and the ability to breathe on a free flowing regulator

  • Plan your dive and dive your plan

Why Scuba Dive at Mermet Springs?

Mermet Springs is one of the most popular dive facilities in the country and has had national media exposure for years.  


Plan your next trip to Mermet Springs where you can dive in First Class.


Services and amenities offered to scuba divers:
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