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Mermet Springs on the Big Screen

Boeing 727 from "US Marshals"

The Boeing 727 using in the filming of "US Marshals" outside Bay City IL was purchased by Glen Faith, pulled from the river and hauled 12 miles to Mermet Springs where it now lies with its nose cone under 50 feet of hazel-green water.   The plane's 120 foot long fuselage provides a unique swim through for divers to test their skills around and through this unique piece of Hollywood memorabilia.

National Geographic's "Monster Fish"

Mermet Springs was used by famous biologist/ecologist/photographer Zeb Hogan with National Geographic for it's "Monster Fish" television series.  The focus of the filming was our spoonbills or "paddle-fish".  The show aired on the National Geographic channel in the fall of 2013

Independent Film Dig Two Graves

In 2013 Mermet Springs became the scene of filming for the independent film "Dig Two Graves" starring Ted Levine, Samantha Isler and Danny Goldring.  The film was directed Hunter Adams and was based on the script he co-wrote with Jeremy Phillips.  During the film divers will recognize the rock walls of the north end of Mermet Springs quarry.  The cabin in the film was built then burned in the back of Mermet Springs.

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