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Dive Shops, Instructors & Divers

At Mermet Springs we are dedicated to providing dive shops, instructors and divers of all experience levels first class service and amenities.


Digital Site Release

Complete the Mermet Springs Digital Site Release prior to arrival and get to the water faster!  Everyone that will be on-site at Mermet Springs, divers and non-divers, must complete the release.

Mermet Springs Rules

At Mermet Springs we want to ensure that your visit is both enjoyable and safe and ask that all visitors abide by the rules.   

divers on 727.jpeg

Mermet Springs Emergency Action Plan

Safety always comes first at Mermet Springs.  Proper preparation makes stressful situations have better outcomes.  Review and print our Emergency Action Plan and be prepared.

Covered Pavilions

Keep your divers together in one of 18 covered pavilions which are all located next to the water.  All pavilions feature ceiling fans, electricity and lights.  Send us your completed instructor roster prior to arrival to get your divers to the water faster.

Closeup of Pavilion.jpg

Easy Entry Docks

The 4 docks allow your divers to simply walk down into the water.  Divers may also take a giant stride or a controlled seated entry from the side of the dock.  The Primary Dock also features a lift for easy entry and exits for disabled divers. 

Training Platforms

Multiple training platforms at depths of 5', 15', 20', 65', 85' and 100' give instructors, students and divers  many options for training and practice.



With numerous attractions to explore at various depths and easy to follow guidelines with signs connecting them, keeping your divers together while navigating is a breeze!

Showers & Bathrooms

Stay warm and refreshed with heated shower houses and real restrooms!

Shower house.jpg
Fill Station.jpg

First Class Rental Equipment

Outfit your divers from head to toe in quality rental equipment.  With masks, fins, boots, total dive systems, cylinders to over 50 dry suits in our rental department we've got you covered!


With partial pressure blending you can get any percent of oxygen you are needing.  All Nitrox cylinders must be O2 clean.


Scuba Diving Guided Tours

Totally relax and see the best of the quarry by having one of our dive professionals give you a guided tour. 

1st Dive - $25

2nd Dive - $20

3rd Dive - $15

Tours will be limited to the diver's certification level.  If it has been more than 12 months since your last dive please consider taking a Scuba Skills Update course.

Price includes the dive professional fee, it does not include entry, rental or air fills.


Stay on-site in one of our tent or RV sites or checkout other local options.


Scuba Equipment Repair

Mermet Springs has an on-site inspection station and repair shop for any equipment issue or quick fix to get you back in the water fast!

Other Local Activities

On your surface interval or have non-divers with you?  Checkout these other local activities.


The Snack Shack

Providing divers with FAST service and EXCELLENT food!  Within walking distance of the water.  While cash is preferred, credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX), as well as Samsung and Apple Pay are also accepted.

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