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Air / Nitrox Cylinder Fills


"You should never have to wait for an air-fill" -Glen

  • Mermet Springs has a 45 bottle cascade system powered by four Maco compressors that can pump more than 60 cubic feet of air per minute.

  • There is also a 16 bottle oxygen cascade system for Nitrox fills and custom blending. 

  • 32% Premix cylinders are also available.


Our air is tested quarterly to ensure that All air produced by Mermet Springs is 02 compatible.
Test results are posted for your inspection.

>>> Printable Flyer for Cost and Fees <<<


Air Fills Available

Steel Cylinders can now be hydro tested to the 10% overfill + Plus Rating!

  • Air Fills = $10.00

  • Nitrox Fills (up to 39%) = $15.00

  • Nitrox Fills 40% and over = $20

  • Nitrox Cylinder Rental (32% - 80. Cu. Ft. premixed) = $15.00

  • Visual Cylinder Inspection = $15.00

  • Hydrostatic Test = $50.00

  • O2 Fill = $20.00


Nitrox Available Onsite

We have a partial pressure fill station. Your cylinders must be oxygen-cleaned and have all of the current and proper stickers for us to safely fill them.


If you do not have cylinders that have been oxygen-cleaned we have
pre-mixed rental cylinders available on site. All rental cylinders are
pre-mixed to 32%.

  • Nitrox Fill (up to 39%) -- $15

  • Nitrox Fills 40% and over -- $20

  • O2 Fills -- $20

  • Rental 80 Cu. Ft. pre-mixed and filled with 32% -- $15 per day

  • $15 per fill for the remainder of the day up to 39%

  • Custom blends available -- Contact Glen for further information

  • Shop rates available -- Contact Glen for further information


Nitrox cylinders must also be properly marked and designated as a
Nitrox cylinder and display a current visual inspection indicating that
the cylinder has been cleaned in a manner to be safely filled at a partial pressure blending station using 100% oxygen.


All cylinders filled at our facility must have current visual and hydro-static tests and the appropriate stickers and stamps. All of our cylinders are inspected and filled by PSI trained and certified inspectors and Fill Station Operators.

Air & Nitrox Fills
Air & Nitrox Fills
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