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Underwater Training Platforms

Mermet Springs has seven underwater training platforms with marking buoys that provides a perfect area to learn, train and test your diving skills.

  • One platform at 6 foot depth

  • One platform at 15 foot depth

  • Two platforms at 20 foot depth

  • One platform at 65 foot depth

  • One platform at 85 foot depth

  • One platform at 100 foot depth

Easy Access Training Docks

Mermet Springs has four docks that provide easy and safe access to and from the water.

  • Primary Dock is handicapped accessible with a chair lift to assist handicapped divers into and out of the water

  • Features include custom-designed, all aluminum stairs and hand rails that descend into the water to a submerged entry / exit platform.

Covered Training Pavilions

Mermet Springs has 22 pavilions with more than 8500 square feet of covered space that provide divers and classes a personal area for setup and instruction that has easy access to and from the water.

  • All pavilions provide easy and close access to the training docks

  • Tank tables are already in place.

  • Most pavilions have water frontage

  • All pavilions except the West dock have lights and electric plugs

Dive Shops and Instructors: Reserve your favorite spot so that you and your students will be in the shade this Summer

Scuba Dock
Underwater Training Platform
Scuba Training Docks
Training Pavilions
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