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About Mermet Springs

Mermet Springs is a full service dive site and scuba training facility that offers on-site scuba instruction. We strive for excellence and cater to dive shops, instructors, students and certified scuba divers of all experience levels and certifying agencies.


Not your typical dive site...

Owner Glen Faith knew what he wanted in a dive site long before his first training platform was submerged. He assembled a team of top quality dive professionals and turned his dreams into a reality. Mermet Springs offers submerged training platforms, easy entry docks, dives from 15 to 120 feet in depth, and numerous sunken treasures to explore.

Mermet Springs is one of the most popular dive facilities in the Midwest, attracting the attention of news media and national scuba diving publications including National Geographic and other diving publications.

Mermet Springs
Mermet Springs from the air
Mermet Springs is an 8.5 acre spring-fed quarry located deep in Southern Illinois.

The water visibility at Mermet Springs is exceptional and can range from 15 feet to over 60 feet. Water temperature varies with the Midwest seasons and ranges to the low 40s at depth during winter, up to the mid 80s above the thermocline in the summer.

Whether you are looking for a scuba training facility or a dive site that you and the entire family can enjoy, plan your next trip to Mermet Springs where you can dive in First Class.

Our mission is to provide divers with the safest and most enjoyable diving experience in the Midwest!  Our goal is to offer you a safe, fun, and a truly First-Class dive site.

"First-Class Diving" is born

Mermet Springs was founded by Glen Faith who discovered this abandoned quarry lake early in his days as a recreational diver. Seeing the potential of the property, he made his move by signing a long term lease with the owner and removing tons of scrap and junk from the quarry. Early on, Glen designed the drainage around the 8.5-acre lake to slope away from the water. By doing this the lake remains clean and clear with only rain and spring water feeding the lake.


Over the years, Glen has continued to update the site with campgrounds facilities, training pavilions, and numerous underwater attractions. All revenue generated by Mermet Springs is immediately reinvested into the facility. By doing this, Glen has created a scuba diving facility that offers divers an extraordinary opportunity not found anywhere in the Midwest. With crystal-clear water, 100-foot deep underwater cliffs, sunken wrecks and schools of colored, pre-historic looking fish, Mermet Springs is not just another lake in Southern is a "First-Class Diving" site.

Glen Faith - Owner of Mermet Springs
"One of the must dives in the Midwest"

Mermet Springs is located on US 45 between Vienna and Metropolis, IL. As you enter the site, you'll be amazed at the picturesque wooded backdrop and sheer cliff rising across from the cool-blue water. From the main diving dock, you'll see schools of large bluegill, giant albino channel catfish and, further down, spoonbills! These prehistoric throw-backs have huge mouths and are known to grow larger than five-foot in length. Seeing these "paddle fish" up close will raise your pulse a bit, but don't worry...they are filter feeders and eat microscopic critters that feed on the algae. All these fish are very friendly, almost tame. Fishing is strictly prohibited at Mermet Springs. But feeding the fish is welcome, just watch your fingers with those big cats.

"Come on out and dive," - Glen

Glen Faith's Mermet Springs prides itself on being well-organized, professional and comfortable with some of the best-trained diving instructors in the Midwest. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced diver, Mermet Springs will easily accommodate your training needs and some great diving adventures.

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