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Home of First Class Diving

Our mission is to provide divers with the safest and most enjoyable diving experience in the Midwest!  Our goal is to offer you a safe, fun and truly First-Class dive site.


Owner Glen Faith knew what he wanted in a dive site long before his first training platform was submerged.  He assembled a team of top quality professionals and turned his dream into a reality.  Check conditions and find our location here.

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The professional staff of Mermet Springs is dedicated to providing dive shops, instructors and divers first class service and amenities.  Complete the Site Release here.  Find rental equipment prices here.


Mermet Springs offers scuba training from Try Scuba to Instructor.  Upon certification travel with us to an amazing destination!  Mermet Springs always encourages already certified divers to train, travel and shop with their home dive centers.

Scuba Divers celebrating special events at Mermet Springs dive site

Checkout the Special Events taking place at Mermet Springs throughout the year.

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