Current Water Conditions at Mermet Springs Scuba - July 14, 2021

*Due to heavy rains, some visibility in the shallower waters is less than usual


         Surface: 82°F  10' - 12' Visibility                          15 Foot: 76°F  10' - 12' Visibility                             20 Foot Platform: 74°F  10' - 15' Visibility

45 Foot: 48°F  10 - 20'+ Visibility                  85 Foot Platform: 44°F  20' - 35'+ Visibility                    Bottom: 42°F   20' - 35'+ Visibility

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Mermet Springs Scuba Diving
Mermet Springs Scuba Diving

Arial view from drone over Mermet Springs 2016

Scuba Dive in the Midwest
Scuba Dive in the Midwest

Mermet Springs before the busy dive day



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