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Scuba Diving Guided Tours


Mermet Springs Offers Guided Scuba Dive Tours


  • Would you like to have one of our dive professionals take you on a relaxing tour
    of our underwater attractions?

  • Want us to help you find the Spoonbills?

  • Are you still a new diver and would simply feel better going on one, two,
    or more dives with a dive professional?


"We Are Here For YOU!" - Glen Faith


Prerequisites for Scuba Diving Tours
  • If it has been longer than 12 months since your last dive please consider the Scuba Skills Update Option

  • Be at least an Open Water Certified Diver

  • Show proof of diving within the past 12 months

  • Diver tours will be limited to the divers certification level

  • Dives must be scheduled in advance. Contact Glen at Mermet Springs for scheduling


Costs for Scuba Diving Tours
  • $25.00 per diver for Dive 1

  • $20.00 per diver for Dive 2

  • $15.00 per diver for Dive 3

Please Note: There will be a $50 cancelation fee for cancelations made less than 24 hours prior to your dives!


NOTE:  Price includes your dive leader fees but does not cover entry, rental, or air fills.

Scuba Diving Tours
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