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Free DAN Videos & Training


Remote Management of DCS

Does CPR Really Work

Children and Diving

Medical Evaluation to Dive

Situational Awareness

Aging and Diving

Mechanisms & Management of Dive Accidents

The Bends - Diagnosis & Treatment

Safety for the PSD

Challenges in Diagnosing DCI

Emergency Action Plan

How Good Divers Get into Bad Trouble

Dive Accident Management

Medicine And Diving

Free DAN eLearning

DAN is currently offering the following training free to all of their members.  Simply go to and log in using your DAN log in credentials.   The user name will be your email address and the password is the same as you use for your account.  If you are not currently a DAN member follow the link below to learn how to join or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  
Training includes:
  • The Optimal Path
  • Breathing underwater is an Unnatural Act
  • Diabetes and Recreational Diving
  • Inert Gas Exchange, Bubbles and Decompression Theory
  • Pathophysiology of Decompression Illness
  • Ears and Diving Seminar
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