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Mermet Springs Rental Equipment

Mermet Springs has quality and safe scuba diving equipment available for rental by the day, weekend or week.  Performance of each piece is reviewed and any needed maintenance is performed before we rent it out again.

Ten Things to remember when renting gear
  • Pressurize regulators on a full tank to check for leaks and free flows

  • Check mouthpieces on all regulators looking for holes or tears

  • Inflate BCDs to make sure they hold air and that all the dump valves work

  • Make sure weight pockets are included on weight integrated BCDs

  • Make sure tanks are full and the tank valve o-ring is good condition

  • Check visual inspection and hydro inspection dates on tanks if you are planning to get them filled

  • Check zippers on wet suits to make sure they zip smoothly in both directions

  • Turn dive computers on and make sure there is no low battery indicator

  • Check all hoses for abrasions, tears, or kinks

  • Make sure you know how the alternate air source functions for breathing and oral inflation

A few extra minutes in the rental shed can save a walk back to the equipment area. If you have any questions about a piece of equipment or how it functions, ask one of our staff for help. We will gladly explain the functions of any of our dive equipment and repair or replace any piece of equipment that you have a question about. We want your dives to be fun, safe, and free from equipment issues.


Terms and Conditions

I promise to return the above rented equipment on the return date, clean and in good condition. I understand that I am responsible for all items and agree that I am liable for any charges necessary to replace equipment rented to me that becomes damaged or lost. I promise that the above equipment is being rented for the use of a certified diver. I assume all and full responsibility for the use of the above equipment and waive all liability on the part of Mermet Springs. I further waive all liability on the part of any employee of associate of Mermet Springs for any injuries and/or accidents incurred while using said equipment. I have inspected the operation of the above equipment and found it to be in proper working order.

Printable Flyer

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