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DAN O2 Equipment

Mermet Springs provides these pieces of equipment for the DAN Training Courses

Questions regarding DAN O2 equipment sales may be directed to 618-658-3811.
Contact Glen for more information

Rescue Pak with MTV-100
$869 (601-4100)

Ideal for shore based diving & training activities! Provides enough emergency oxygen when emergency medical services are close-at-hand with the additional benefit of the MTV-100.

Dual Rescue Pak Extended Care
$907.50 (601-3000) Two "Jumbo D" Cylinders
Includes two oxygen cylinders when emergency medical help is farther away or where you may need to help more than one injured diver


Dual Rescue Pak Extended Care with MTV-100

$1171.50 (601-3100)

2 "Jumbo D" Cylinders w MTV instead of Demand Reg
Emergency oxygen kit that comes with two oxygen cylinders and a MTV-100 oxygen regulator

Rescue Pak with MTV100
Dual Rescue Pak Extended Care
Dual Rescue Pak Extended Care with MTV100
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